How To Make $1000 Per Month With No Job!

One of the most common questions I get asked by my subscribers is all the time is, “how to make $1,000 – $10,000 per month…”

Now a lot of times I view the question as a misguided question.

Mainly because I have no idea how hard a person will actually work to apply what I share with them but I also believe it comes from a place of insecurity…

What I’ve come to realize over the past few years is that the person is really asking for most often times than not is a “guaranteed/secure way to make $1,000 – $10,000 per month”.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With No Job

I have compiled a list of websites and ‘get paid to’ websites which are extremely popular, pay well, and are 100% legitimate.

Now none of these sites will make you rich, but pulling in an extra $1,000 per month outside of your job, can be extremely huge when you’re paying bills, groceries

Now the best part of all of the opportunities on the list is All of them you can sign up for FREE.


Sign up here for swagbucks and get your first $5 bonus.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research has been around forever.

Sign up for Vindale Research

Inbox Dollars

Now this opportunity hits home for me in a very sentimental way. When I was first introduced to the concept of making money online all the way back in 2007, this was one of the first opportunities I tried.

I remember staying up late trying to explain to my girlfriend at the time that I was going to make this internet marketing thing work and somehow we got into a big argument.

To prove to my girlfriend that the opportunity was real I logged into my Inbox Dollars account to show her my balance of less than $30 I earned in about a weeks time, and she laughed at me.

I was completely crushed, because at the time, I thought in my mind that I would be creating a future for us both.

Sign Up For Inbox Dollars here

Harris Poll Online

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Panda Research

Here’s a list of other paid survey sites, Surveys 4 Moms, Global Test Market, Epoll Market Research, Earning Station, and MyPoints.

Make $1,000 Per Month

make $1,000 per month

Ryan Tate

Make Money Ideas: Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month From Home

Looking To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month From Home?

Even the Bible says “Money Answereth All Things” Ecclesiastes 10:19

Get Paid To Take Online Surveys

Get Paid To Shop Online

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Freelance Writing

Start A Blog

Freelance Blogging

Freelance SEO

Drive For Uber

Display Ads On Your Car

Search Engine Evaluator

Affiliate Marketing
Wealthy Affiliate

Network Marketing/Home Based Business

My first network marketing program I ever joined was Pre-Paid Legal Services.

Legal Shield is what the company is known as today. I was only 18 years old when I got presented this opportunity.

One of the coolest things about my time there I learned a lot.

This is where I was first introduced to the concepts of personal development and residual income.

Your Partner In Profit,
Ryan Tate

My Quit Your Job Action Plan

So you’re going to quit your job?


Pat yourself on the back because this is a feat and a challenge that most Americans think about on a daily basis.

The sad reality is though, most people won’t ever come close to be able to quit their job.

So in this blog post the best thing that I can do for you is help you evaluate how I’m going about quitting my job step by step, so that you have a solid plan of action to take to make your desired in goal a reality.

So let’s not waste any more time and get right into it.

Now before we begin…

The first question you need to ask yourself is…

“Do I need to quit my job?”


I can’t answer that question for you.

In fact, you need to be brutally honest with yourself to figure out if it’s practical for you.

Yes of course the idea of quitting your job, and not answering to a boss anymore sounds good…

…but can you actually be dedicated enough to work everyday when you don’t have to?


Step 1. Calculate How Much It Will Actually cost you to quit?

Now if you’re probably looking at the computer screen with a Blank Stare.

Of course you probably already know how much you make on your job so what most people typically do is write down the amount of money that they met on their job.

That’s your first mistake.

In order to get crystal clear on what it actually takes for you to sustain yourself outside of your work environment you need the real number that it will actually cost you to be at home.
What I mean is does your job offer benefits?

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Dental, vision, Medical, pet insurance? if so you must factor in how much you would actually pay if you got your own private insurance for you and your family.

With the changes in the Affordable Care Act this number could actually be staggering if you have a family with multiple children.

Okay got your number?

Now combine that number with your total monthly expenses and you have your FREEDOM Number!

Step 2. Come up with a Monetization or Escape plan.

It’s my recommendation that if you’re going to quit your job that you figure out a way earn money on a residual basis.

The reason for this is because you want to know exactly how much money is going to come in on a monthly basis like clockwork, the same way you would know on your job.

My personal plan on creating residual based income is primarily going to come from continuity income I will receive from my membership site.

The plan right now is to offer people a 7-Day trial for $1 inside of my I’M Boss University where I show people step by step how to make money online through Internet and affiliate marketing.

Inside the course we will actually give away a step by step case study on how I was able to create a $5000 a month cpa marketing campaign in 33 days.

Now after the 7 day trial people will get conveniently billed $39.95 per month to stay a member only of they absolutely love the content.

So if my Escape Number was $4000 per month then I would need roughly 100 active paying members.

Now if you’re treating your members correctly there is no reason if you made them an offer to get private 1 on 1 attention with you for an additional fee in the range of $250-$2000.

So with having private coaching or intimate personal assistance as an option you may not necessarily need 100 members to hit that freedom number.

Now if you don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about setting up your own continuity program the great part is you can actually tap into someone else who’s already done the hard part like with Wealthy Affiliate.

On tomorrow I will go into a little more detail on what Wealthy Affiliate is, so that you can make an educated decision to see if it’s for you too.

Step 3. How?

This right here is going to be the hardest step.

This part of the process I can’t really do for you however I can share with you what my process will be over the next 90 -120 days for myself.

To get people interested in my continuity program people have to know about it.

So the two ways that I’m going to focus on spreading the word is

#1 Facebook Ads
#2 Youtube Video Ads
#3 Creating Free Videos On Youtube
#4 Blogging Daily

I will drive all of this traffic to a landing page where my goal will be to capture the visitor’s email address, so that I can begin building a relationship with that person and offer my program, and other affiliate offers as a solution as well.

So for easy maths sake it’s my goal to collect leads in all of the paid environments for $1 per lead or less.

Once I have captured the lead my next job would be to presell them on the benefits of the system I’m going to offer them, but also sell them on why I’m the person to help them achieve that specific goal.

Once they are on my list I will then offer more solutions of things they will need on their journey as an online entrepreneur like web hosting, autoresponders, funnel builders, but also begin to offer them mid ticket and high ticket offers, like home study courses and coaching, so that I have the absolute best chance to make a profit on my advertising.

Eventually once this is setup, for the most part outside of the coaching offer, everything can run on autopilot without much of my involvement, which is the great thing about the internet.

While I’m at work, someone can click on my ad, become my subscriber, purchase my solution, without me having to do much of anything when it is setup.

Step 4. Execute on a daily basis

This step is pretty obvious, however what usually happens after a few days of doing real work on a consistent basis then you begin to make excuses and put things off…

Eventually you end up not hitting your goal of quitting your job and it’s only because you didn’t put in the work necessary to make it happen.

For me on my execution plan that I created for myself yesterday, I wrote down that I wanted to create at least one blog post a day.

This will allow me to start creating more opportunities for people to
find my content on the web.

What this also does is allow

Step 5. Scale

Once you’re seeing your process actually begin to cashflow, then essentially you double down and begin spending as much money as you can on your marketing funnel you have set up because you have thoroughly tested it to make sure it’s profitable.

Then you keep rinsing and repeating until you have hit your freedom number.

If you found this post helpful make sure you subscribe to my list to keep getting more great inspiration and money making ideas.

Your Partner In Profit,
Ryan Tate

Blog Update: What’s To Come On

What’s Coming Next On

Hey everyone, Ryan here and I wanted to give you an update on what is to come down the pike.

About 9 years ago my twin brother Bryan and I registered the domain name and the primary use of the site for many years on the homepage was to drive optins to our email lists.

Over the years that list grew into the 10’s of thousands.

A few years ago after Bryan had a baby, and our business model and industry beginning to change we both began to focus on other things like real estate, and consulting.

As you can now see our old homepage redirects to the blog now.

Now you can look around on the site now and you probably can see there has been some inconsistent postings here…

That’s because for many years I’ve tried to avoid the whole blogging world because I’ve always been a paid traffic guy, I’ve recently began to truly understand the power and value of having a blog in 2017 really is.

The Changes That Are Happening

So what’s going to be happening is you’re going to see over time the layout of this blog and the content change in 2 different directions.

#1 I’m going to be focusing on bringing you insights on what’s going on with my life and business, and hopefully at some point my brother decides to add his input too 🙂

#2 I’m going to focus on being an opportunity research company for the work at home industry.

What that means is I’m going to be covering more content on how to work at home, the best places to find legitimate work at home jobs, home based business reviews, also content on how to start a business, entrepreneurship, and budgeting.


Content Coming Tomorrow

With that being said this week I’m going to begin releasing a series of posts that are going to be centered around how to responsibly quit your job, if it actually make sense for you and your situation.

It doesn’t for everyone.

Now some of the content that will be released here will be a little long but it will be packed with action steps and personal insight from both past and present experiences.

Make sure you’re staying connected with what I’m doing on Youtube.

There will be days where my content their will correlate with exactly what I will be covering my blog posts so I will do my best to include the videos here.

In the next weeks to come I will also be releasing a video series that show you step by step how to create an additional $1,000 per month in income, without taking away from what you’re already working on in your busy schedule.

To get on the waiting list for that go here.

Also tomorrow I’m going to be releasing a post on how to quit your job in 90 days.

Stay tuned.

Your Partner In Profit,
Ryan Tate